Thursday, October 3, 2013

1175. Self-publishing on CreateSpace at

Here is an overview of our professional services we offer for book publishing if you'd like our team of publishing professionals, including our editors, book graphic design artists, and marketing experts, to take your book to the next level to publish a polished, paperback version.

You have the option to build out your own publishing package as I can help you select your services.

We offer your choice of professional editing services for any genre:

If you need help with designing a stand-out cover using a Custom Cover option or want to simply submit your Word document for book layout, below is a quick overview of our Cover and Interior options to publish a book with us as. You can elect to use our editing services and/or cover and layout services or do your own book cover and interior page layout.

Cover Options:
Interior Options:

Also, included in every signup package:
- A bookselling page on and Amazon EU channels with a free Look Inside! feature
- Industry-leading discounts when you purchase copies of your book
- Flexible pricing that allows you to determine the royalty you receive and allows you to receive industry leading royalties:
==>CreateSpace authors pay only $3.25 for a 200 page BW paperback per unit! With a $15 list price on, earn $5.75 per retail order!

You'll be pleased to know we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on our Professional Services:

When you first sign-up for your account and title, you'll see your Member Dashboard and experience our Do It Yourself tools. To receive full support through our paid-services mentioned above, I'll need to set-up a service order and process payment to refresh your account so that your account is refreshed with the paid, service-specific instructions. You will then be assigned a Publishing Project Team who will provide you with online instruction and support throughout the process.

Let me know if you'd like to connect to pick out your custom package of services.

Email from  Oct 4, 2013

Hi Kong Yuen Sing,
We do not charge per page for editing nor book design.
CreateSpace charges per WORD if you would like a line-editing service. See the Editing Levels and service fees here:
And, the fee for Interior Page Layout is $679 for Complex books with text and graphics as it includes custom page-by-page layout with up to 50 images (and extra images are $15 each) and charts or tables or diagrams can redesigned at $25 each if you cannot submit them as JPEG graphics for insertion in your page formatting.
And here are the different Cover Design fees:
I hope this helps you better understand our fee structure.
Basically, you pay for what you may need as one-time fees for:
-Editing: Charged per word. So a Comprhensive Copyediting service is $0.021 per word. If you have 50,000 words, then the cost is $0.021 x 50,000 = $1,050.00
-Book Interior Layout: Complex Custom Interior $679
-Custom Cover Design Premier $599 (Or pick another cover design level based on your needs)
Total: $2,328.00


Yes, you can do all your own book interior page formatting using these guidelines and specifications:

Free Do-It-Yourself Option

Whether you have a print-ready pdf, or a Word® .doc, docx, or .rtf file, it's easy to upload your file and get it ready for publishing for free.

Interior Reviewer presents your file as an online virtual version of your book. You'll be able to see formatting issues highlighted visually to find and address formatting issues fast.

Print-ready PDF files created through desktop publishing software offer the most control over the appearance of your book.

(If you cannot create the PDF print-ready files, then you can provide us with your manuscript in Microsoft Word as we’ll do the custom book interior page formatting for you using our Complex Custom Interior service at $679 and recommend the best layout choices for book size, typography, text and graphic formatting-  


And, yes, you can purchase any of the Cover Options as seen here:


What would you like to see on your cover?


I’m happy to call you and review our options further with you. Basically, you have the option to submit a PDF for printing/publishing of the interior pages if you are confident in the interior page layout and they meet these outlined specifications:
If you are providing us with a PDF, we review it to ensure it meets the outlined specifications for printing and use it as-is.
If you would like CreateSpace to do any professional line-editing or do the professional layout/design of the interior pages for you, then we require a Word document for editing and/or book interior page layout.
Choose to submit your own cover, use the FREE Cover Creator templates, or have us design a Custom Cover (fee-based):
Choose to submit your own PDF print-ready files (per our submission guidelines) OR you will need us to do the interior page PDF layout for you using your Word document and images:
If we do the book layout and design for you, we will need 5-6 weeks for book layout and design. Add 2-3 weeks additionally if you would like us to do any editing work for you.

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