Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can the right eye be saved?

Each vet will treat the above case differently. At first glance, the dry eye seems to be of a minor problem and the left eye corneal ulcer seems to have occurred just a day or two ago.

For Dr Daniel, he had cleaned up the eyes and thinks that the dry eye will heal with medication and the e-collar.

For me, I told the owner to confine the dog inside the crate for around one month, with the e-collar and eye drops and medicaton. "This is not possible," the slim young lady teacher said. It is easy to give advices but the reality at home is different. The owner will let the howling dog out to wander around the house. The dog will rub his eyes onto the bed corners, causing more injury.

So I proposed stitching up both eyes and their eyelids. Dr Daniel thinks that the dog will not be happy with both eyes stitched up. But there is no other way. The left eye already has blood vessels running into the central ulcer as you can see. The right eye is already beyond hope.

Tomorrow I will perform the surgery and in 7-10 days, we will know the results. I expect the left eye to heal well with a white spot where the ulcer is. As for the left, no dry eye will be the best outcome.

Eye injuries are emergencies. Do NOT wait 10 days if you want to save the eye sight. 

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