Monday, September 16, 2013

1139. VET STORIES - DRAMA - Events led to the lady avoiding the vets

TP 15075

I had recorded this dramatic case of Charcoal, the Silkie diagnosed as having serious kidney failure based on blood test results at Vet 1 in March 26, 2010. Charcoal came in today as he had 3 skin tumours and the lady was much worried that these were malignant.

As regards the 2010 incident, the owner consulted me for a 2nd opinion. I met the owner today and asked her to narrate the drama which would not be forgotten by her as her dog was her child.

"You said that Charcoal was active and bright and would not be dying of serious kidney and liver failure," she reminisced. Charcoal was vomiting occasionally since young.  My medical records showed that Vet 1 had based her diagnosis on blood test with high creatinine and BUN levels as well as high ALT levels.   

She sought a 3rd opinion and Vet 3 did a blood test. I did not do a blood test as she had said that Vet 1 had just done it and disputed my observation that the dog could not be having serious kidney and liver diseases based on clinical signs of health. Vet 3 said that the dog had a liver infection. She brought the blood test result to Vet 1.

"After 2 weeks, Vet 1 told me that their blood test machine was having errors in reading the results."

Now Charcoal had 3 skin lumps after I clipped off her coat. "Will my dog die and what if she has cancer?" she took lunch time off to visit Charcoal today, a working Tuesday. A blood test would be taken and the dog would be on minimal anaesthetic. I marked the 3 lumps. "Don't think so far ahead. The lab will check the skin lumps and then we will decide."

This case illustrated that blood test results can never be trusted.     


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