Sunday, September 22, 2013

Apocrine hidrocystoma in a 10-year-old dog's chest and cheek

The lady owner in her 30s was much worried about her 10-year-old female Yorkshire getting skin cancers as she discovered 3 skin lumps, on the cheek, chest and below the right ear.  I had seen Charcoal since 2004 and it is 2013 now!

I had written an interesting episode of blood machine failure in another vet practice in March 2010 stating very high levels of BUN and creatinine  and liver enzymes indicating serious kidney and liver failure. She sought my 2nd opinion and I said it was unlikely to be serious kidney failure as the dog was eating and vomited only occasionally. She was not satisfied and did not want another blood test so soon. She then went to a 3rd vet whose blood test indicated that the kidneys were OK and there was some liver infection.  She lost confidence in all vets and

Now 3 years later, the dog has 3 skin tumours. Dr Daniel excised all 3 by electro-surgery and sent two to the lab for histology. He put two tumours in one container and I advised that they should be separate. "The chest and cheek tumours should be in separate bottles so as not to confuse the lab technicians. After all, you assume they are the same tumours and that the bigger size would be the chest tumour but the lab people may not label caref

She was much worried and kept asking me how to detect new ones?    

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