Saturday, September 21, 2013

1150. A woman who does not care for her health

An intelligent career woman who loved her two adult sons but who does not know how to take care of her health. She could not take statins to control her cholesterol levels which keep shooting up. She still ate her fatty and oily fried meats despite blood tests showing high cholesterol levels.
Exercise by walking outdoors? Like the typical Singaporean lady, this is considered too hot. Weighing scales. Don't want to look at it.

Fortunately one son persuaded her to exercise at the gym. "You have to be there," I said to him. "Otherwise, it is back to sedentary life for you mum. Older women have very high risks of heart attacks in Singapore although we always think that it is men who have heart attacks.

Dietary control will help but some educated mothers just don't bother till they get a heart attack. Same for the older generation of fathers too. So it is up to a caring adult child who will take time to care for the senior citizens by accompanying her to the gym at least once a week. .   

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