Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rabbit neuter video - post-op

On Aug 31, 2013, the owner WhatsApp me an image of severely inflamed and swollen scrotal sacs after neuter by Dr Daniel on Aug 29, 2013. So I asked her to bring the rabbit down as the image looked serious.

"The scrotal sac does not look so red or swollen as in the image," I said to the maid.
"The image was taken last night," she replied.
"Did you feed the antibiotics and painkiller medication witht the syringe?" I asked.
"Not possible. The rabbit keeps moving his head sideways."
"So you didn't give any?" I asked.
"I put it into the water for her to drink. I put a bit of water. She drinks it and then I give more water."
Quite a good idea.

I hospitalised the rabbit for 2 days. On Aug 2, 2013, the scrotal sac was no longer swollen. The rabbit ate ravenously and pooped and peed a lot. I asked the two interns to take the video regarding rabbit neuter and post-op complications and nursing.

Male rabbit, 14 months, 1.4kg, 38.7C
Had sired 5 litters but all of them died. So the owner decided to neuter him.

Post op meloxicam and baytril were given twice a day and this was found to be effective. Images were taken

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