Saturday, August 3, 2013

1051. Distemper in a Golden Retriever in Yangon

Saturday Aug 3, 2013
Today I got a call from a young Yangon lady regarding a cure for distemper in a Golden Retriever puppy, 3 months, 9 kg. Her vet had asked her to get the antiserum which is not available in Myanmar. I told her that Singapore does not have the antiserum too as it is too expensive to produce. The young lady emailed to me a link which says that the antiserum can be produced and used for treatment. The link is at: 

My reply to her:
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Kong Yuen Sing <99pups"">
4:28 PM (1 minute ago)
to daniel, michelle
I have got your 3 emails. Thank you.
Once the distemper virus has infected the puppy and spread to the
nervous system, there is no cure. There is said to be antiserum
produced but this is not commonly available. Your article mentioned
that some vets do produce the antiserum from dogs which have been
vaccinated or infected but such antiserum is not available commonly
and the quality of online sale of such serum is in doubt. .

Antibiotics for a long time, anti-fever and pain-killers, rehydration
and other supportive treatment for difficulty in breathing and
diarrhoea need to be done with the help of your vet as the treatment
takes many weeks. It is very difficult for an owner to do it herself.

Recovery depends on the dog's immune system and past vaccination. The
majority of puppies with distemper infections die. I hope you will
work closely with your vet in Yangon.


Around 3 weeks ago, a Myanmar man came to me to ask for the antibody treatment for his boss' Golden Retriever that has distemper. I told both of them that there is no specific antiserum for distemper in dogs. The Myanmar man messaged to me an image of "interferon" bottle available from Bangkok and asked my advice. I said it would not be effective.

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