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1016. Veterinary video production by Toa Payoh Vets

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Date:   10 July, 2013  
Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles & rabbits
Veterinary Video Production   
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
Date:   10 July, 2013  
Be Kind To Pets
Veterinary Education
Project 2010-0129
MESSAGE FROM DR SING KONG YUENVeterinary video production to bring veterinary medicine and surgery alive to vet students and pet owners require collaboration with many people, more resources and time as compared to writing clinical research articles.
An attractive image must be sourced. I got this image while driving my car and has a camera available.  
It takes at least 30 minutes to create the images below for video production.

I write the script and discuss the direction with the video producers to make the video educational & entertaining.
This takes up >60 - 120 minutes for a 1-minute video!  An example of the video produced is at:

Since many of the young ones seems to prefer videos to reading and writing and therefore I have commissioned "Be Kind To Pets" veterinary educational videos to be produced mainly by interns.
Video production enables the interns to acquire a deeper knowledge of the veterinary matter as compared to being an observer assisting the vet. But it demands more time from the mentor vet.
Some of the videos produced are at:
Readers and freelancer video producers who are interested in collaborating with Toa Payoh Vets, please email judy@toapayohvets.com or tel +65 9668 6468.
Updates will be on this webpage:

More info at: Dogs or Cats
To make an appointment: e-mail judy@toapayohvets.com
tel: +65 9668-6469, 6254-3326
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