Monday, July 8, 2013

1015. Singapore Law Society Conditions of Sale 1999 and 2012

Yesterday Monday, I attended a lecture on the Singapore Law Society's Conditions of Sale 1999 and 2012. This subject is very boring but the lawyer lecturer kept the class awake and laughing with his anecdotes of his experience" of buyers, sellers and realtors rushing to complete the sale at the last hour.

"This (afternoon) class is better than the one in the evening after work," he said. "I see students closing their eyes as if in intense mediation throughout my lecture."

"Once I asked the class what is the meaning of 'outgoings'?"  A student stumped me as he replied it meant 'Not incoming."

He said he bought a helicopter from Guangchou which has a building with 6 floors selling just shoes. The Hokkien speaking seller could connect with him as he spoke a bit of Hokkien. The seller  jumped on top of it and the helicopter still function.  The helicopter is the size of a big box the width of his stretched hands. It is a remote-controlled toy.  I was wondering whether he was spinning a tall tale and at the end of his lecture, I asked: "What happened to the helicopter?" He said: "It is OK."

An excellent speaker cum lawyer can bring in more clients locally and internationally. However, there is no such equivalent for vets in Singapore. He could bring the 33 conditions of sale alive with just power point slides and his personality and acting as well as presenting his company's one-stop legal practice. I wonder whether he has the expertise for writers, agents and publishers as I intend to start an e-publishing business and gave him my name card for him to follow up.     

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