Sunday, June 2, 2013

1445. Saturday's interesting case - Jun 1, 2013

On a bright sunny morning of Saturday Jun 1, 2013, I was on duty in the morning. I answered a phone call from a lady making an appointment for her dog vaccination. Distemper viral infections have affected some dogs recently and there is an interest in dog vaccinations from some owners who might have read newspapers.
"Which vet you want to consult?" I asked. "There are 3 vets."
"The one who said he would be writing a book."
That was 6 years ago. I met the family of parents and the pre-teen daughter, sun-tanned and wearing black-rimmed glasses and being taller than her slim mum.
The son was very good at illustrations and that was why I was telling her I would be writing a book and needed an illustrator.

I vaccinated the 8-year-old Miniature Schnauzer. A gentle dog. Salt and pepper.
"Her breath is smelly," I showed the thick tartar enveloping the dog's teeth. She also has milk in her breast (false pregnancy) and a small breast nodule of 5 mm across and I asked the mum to feel it.

It was just a vaccination but health problems had been presented. Next week, there will be dental work after 7 days of oral antibiotics. Spaying and removal of the breast tumour have been advised and it is up to the owner. 

"I want to breed her as she has a good temperament," the mum said. "But the few male dogs available are rather aggressive."

"You should have bred her before she is 6 years old," I said. "That time, she is in her prime."
The mum now studies a diploma in cooking as the children are now grown up as teenagers. She showed me her handphone of the boy and the girl in primary school when I saw them 6 years ago. Time has flown by. The father came back after going around the industrial park to find a glass window maker. It is nice to meet up after 6 years.

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