Sunday, June 2, 2013

1444. Email reply: A pug in Yangon>
3:16 PM (15 hours ago)

to me
Dear Dr Sing Kong Yuen,
                                  Thank you for your offer but I am not asking you for your medical opinion. There is nothing between you and me to discuss whether its bladder stone (according to the previous vet and the ultrasound result) or UTI and Stone swallowed by my dog (according to Dr. XXX) because my dog was already dead. The important point is my dog died the next day after Dr. XXX’s IV injection (Glucose+B6+B12 as he mentioned) because he gave injection within a minute with 25ml syringe and she had shock and fell down right after his injection.

The next point is he had never told us to take x-ray or ultrasound and he just decided what he thought. After shock without giving treatment he kept on pressing out the intestine and taking out the stone from her anus. When nothing came out, he told us that it will come out with her poops as he put suppositories. Anyway, there is a lot left for me to say about his lack of his treatments.

I just expect that he need to apologize for his fault but instead of that his wife called us from Singapore and said your clinic and their clinic in Yangon are linked officially to do business.

So, I am just asking you whether it is right or they are just using your name as a stepping stone? If they are correct what is their job and responsibilities in your Singapore clinic? Are they doing as vet at your clinic or just helpers? From my experience Singapore Medical Society is really strict for foreigners to accept as professionals easily.

Sorry for your inconvenience. I hope that you can feel my lost. I am waiting for your reply.
Thank you
Owner of 7 years Old Pug

Kong Yuen Sing <99pups"">
6:42 AM (0 minutes ago)

Jun 3, 2013

Please accept my condolences for the death of your pug.

In reply to your query, I have known Dr XXX for over 20
years as a good friend. During these years he was in Singapore, he has
worked for other Singapore vets with employment pass approved by the
Singapore Government.

I have not employed him at Toa Payoh Vets in all the years he was
working in Singapore. We are friends in the sense that he was never my
employee and so he has no obligations to me for his salary. When he
starts a new practice in Yangon, I am most happy for him and offer him
free advices on how to manage the practice based on my around 50 years
of experiences as a veterinarian in practice.

Toa Payoh Vets is a practice started by me in 1980 and Dr XXX has no
shares or interest in my practice..

I have no shares in his practice nor am I employed by his practice. I
give free advices to him on veterinary matters whenever my advices are
needed as I wish to see him successful in his new practice.

This is a time of great sadness for you. Please accept my condolences
again and let me know if I may be of any help.

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