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How much it costs to study vet science in UK, Australia and New Zealand

Your request for more information on Vet

5:48 PM (9 hours ago)

to me, Justin
Dear Dr Sing
We append below the Universities which offer Veterinary Science in Australia, New Zealand, England and Scotland. All require very high academic results to be eligible for entry.


New Zealand

 Of the Universities in Australia:
1.University of Melbourne  
2. University of Sydney are graduate entry
3. University of Adelaide
The other 5 are undergraduate entry all very competitive due to limited places being available for international students. The most popular Universities in the Singaporean purview are:
1. Murdoch  University – 6 years (one year Animal Science tuition fees A$27,000 and five years Vet @ A$46,000 per year)
2. University of Queensland – 5 years annual tuition fees A$50,000
The fees charged by the other Universities are:
1. James Cook University – 5 years annual tuition fee A$46,000
2. Charles Sturt University – 6 years annual tuition fees A$48,000
Of the Universities in UK
1. University of Cambridge Veterinary School
are the most difficult to get in and thus I will not touch on their fees.
3.University of Bristol School of Veterinary Science – 5 years, annual tuition fees: Pounds 17,250
4.University of Liverpool Faculty of Veterinary Science – 5 years, annual tuition fees: Pounds 22,419
5,University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science – 5 years annual tution fees: Pounds 23,300. A 6 years course is also available which includes a  preliminary year
7. University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine – 5 years annual tuition fees Pounds 24,000
New Zealand
Massey University Faculty of Veterinary Science – 5 years Fees for 1st year NZ$3,212.50 to NZ$6,562.50 and fees from 2nd to 5th
year  NZ$38,900 to NZ$52,500 per year depending on the units done.                                                                                                                                                                                            
Best regards
David Teo
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Justin Ma
5:59 PM (9 hours ago)

to me, CMS
Hi Dr. Sing

Just an edit on the fees for Massey University in NZ:

New Zealand

Massey University Faculty of Veterinary Science – 5 years.

Fees for 1st year NZ$38,900 to NZ$52,500 depending on the units done and fees from 2nd to 5th year NZ$52,500 per year. 

Best Regards,
Justin Ma

CMS (Pte) Ltd
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Facsimile : (65) 6221-1106
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1, Murdoch University - 6 years
lst year  A$27,000 = S$34,380
5 years  A$46,000/year = S$58,576/year. Total = S$292,880
Total tuition fees for 6 years = S$327,260

2.  Glasgow University School of Vet Medicine
5 years GBP24,000/year = S$45,503/year
Total tuition fees for 5 years = S$227,515

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