Monday, April 22, 2013

Follow up on cat which had bladder stones (calcium oxalate)

At 7.45 pm, the gentleman came in while his mother waited inside the car. He was in his usual rush to buy the feline CD for next 14 days.

"How's the cat?" I asked.
"Back to his naughty self. Scratching everywhere and jumping. He has put on weight. He still has loose skin below his belly."
"It is good news." I said. "I discussed your case with Dr Daniel recently comparing with another case of a Pomeranian with right perineal hernia of 2-3 months' duration. The Pomeranian had similar very high abnormal kidney disorders based on blood test.

"Your cat had a very high Blood Urea Nitrogen (Vet 2's machine could not read values as they were excessive) and creatinine >30+ (normal 0.3 to 2.1). Phosphorus was >20+ (normal 3.4-8.5). Dr Daniel said to me yesterday that this cat could not have survived the surgery! His creatinine level was >15X the higher range of normal!"

The gentleman was the one who was most worried about the serious kidney disorder and wanted immediate surgery. I had postponed the surgery for one day and given antibiotics. The cat survived and is very naughty.

"You can buy the C/D from the other vet near your house," I said as this man complained of distance of my surgery from his home. "You don't need a prescription letter from me. I am sure he will understand as he had treated your cat before. I don't stock up C/D as they expire soon. You are an exceptional owner in that most cat owners could not be bothered with feeding the special food and get recurrence of stones again!"

"You advised feeding 3 months of C/D" he said.
"If you do regular 3-monthly urine tests," I said. "You may be able to stop C/D. If not, give C/D. The cat is thriving on C/D. Perhaps, you can mix with dry C/D which is less expensive as one can of C/D costs S$5.00."

"It is a miracle," he said. "I prayed for him before surgery."
"Yes, it was a miracle as he had a serious kidney disorder and was operated early. I intend to produce an educational video to teach other cat owners." He said he would send me the video files of the naughty cat for me to produce my video.  

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