Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 1. Frankfurt

April 26, 2013. Sin to Frankfurt SIA.
Now 2.17 pm Singapore time, 8.20 am Frankfurt. NH Frankfurt Rhein-Main hotel

Yesterday, instead of sitting and watching movies which I don't do, I had an interesting chat with the friendly younger cabin crew, knowing more about their work and interest. Property prices for the young ones are too high. To sell all and wait for executive condo? Too young to marry? A Japanese Spitz bought for mum lived up to 15 years old when the seller said the life span is 7 years. A rabbit lived to 8 years old.

I asked a crew why he had to write something. A voyager's report needs to bewritten me of the need to keep proper record of incidents happened on the plane, in case of insurance claim.This reminds vets of having to record all history and signs, like writing meticulous case and surgery records in case of litigation and for info.

They worked really hard compared to other airlines I had travelled on as they served water every now and then. The fish and noodles were warm and good compared to the food of other airlines (Emirates and Cathay Pacific) which I had travelled. This page is dedicated to them and with thanks.

My iphone is useless. The "not approved" travel charger will not be accepted by iphone to charge it. I did not test it before I travel.
Drizzling dark morning.

Have to rush off now to meet at 8.45 am to go out.


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