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1393. Response to Video talk on Vet Science to RI JC students

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to Suzanne, daniel
April 26, 2013


It was great to meet you and your committee members yesterday to present the Vet Science talk. I thought the audience would be bored if I simply read from my notes and showed a Power Point slide presentation as is the common practice. The audience is young and intelligent. And of a young generation that is easily bored by text. Visual may capture their eyeballs to stop them from texting or viewing their mobile phones during the talk!  

So I experimented and commissioned a 15-minute video produced. What a surprise I got on hearing the reaction of the young ladies on viewing certain segments of the video. I hope they are OK now. 

1. Pl email me to me the questions asked by the audience as they are important for me to improve my video production before the young lady on my left deleted them. After the first 3 students went to the mike to ask questions, there was silence. The mike appeared to be positioned awkwardly as the student had to stoop to speak to the mike. Dr Daniel suggested writing questions on paper and passing to the speaker. Your helper proposed questions by sms

Questions by sms are really an excellent idea and those were good questions that will help me to improve the video which was in a draft edition..

2. Also, please let me know if there are some reactions on seeing the bleeding at the beginning of the dog's Caesarean section incisions. I thought I heard laughter when the ferocious cat with chronic constipation growled.  What is your perspective on the audience reaction.

3.How many students attended? I estimated that Lecture Theatre 5 was 60% full. Were there 70 students? How many seats are there in this Theatre 5?

There was much laughter in the Q&A with Dr Daniel. It is a pity I did not record the Q&A as this was the first time I gave a video presentation..  

4. It is a pity that there is so much hassle taping this talk as it would have been a useful source for RI  "veterinary career" talk.

5. Fortunately I could download the video on a non-Mac laptop as it seemed that the hall had no Mac adaptor available and it is difficult to borrow from the department.

So many lessons learnt from this presentation. Nothing like a real video presentation in front of so many interested Year 5 and 6. You have done a good job as I had not seen so much joy and laughter in other talks. It is just not easy to elicit such happy reactions from the Asian audience.

Thank you once again for the invitation and being proactive in organising the talk. Pl give my thanks to your energetic helpers and I hope they enjoyed the talk.

Best wishes.  
Dr Sing Kong Yuen
Toa Payoh Vets

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