Sunday, March 10, 2013

1315. Texting post-op info saves time - sebaceous hyperplasia

I always advise my associates to text the medical results to the owner if his or her phone is busy or unreachable. Most times, my associates do not do it.

I find it good practice as some owners will not say that nobody "phones" her about the results when her phone is engaged. Vets are very busy and I prefer phone calls to communicate one-on-one and to find out more about the post-op behaviour and wounds.

However in this case, the young lady's phone was engaged. I texted her the results saying "sebaceous hyperplasia, not cancerous." She texted to me twice and we never had one word.

She was happy to know and did her research on the internet for her 9-year-old dog whom she loved very much. The sebaceous hyperplasia is a cyst and the images are as follows:


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