Sunday, March 10, 2013

1316. Sheltie X's large gingival lump

Sunday Mar 10, 2013

I was reviewing this Sheltie X's case, operated by Dr Daniel 3 days ago, using electro-surgery to excise the large gingival mass.

In this surgery, intubation is compulsory as it takes a longer time to excise this lump. Electro-cautery to seal the bleeders. Monosy 2/0 sutures were used to close the large wound after electro-excision. I asked Dr Daniel what was the post-op situation 3 days after op now?

"Any stitch breakdown or complaint from the owner?"
"No news," he said. He phoned the owner but the line was busy.
"You can text to her," I advised.
After 10 minutes, I phoned the owner. The mother said: "I have not checked the mouth, but the dog is OK." She asked the daughter to check the mouth but she would not want to do it.

"I will check for you," she replied. "The stitches are still there."
"Give soft food or dry food with water for the next 14 days," I advised.
"My Sheltie is eating dry food with water all the time," she said.
"How long was the gum tumour there?"
"I don't know. Four months probably."
"One month," the daughter said.
"If the tumour grows so fast and so large within one month, it is likely to be cancerous and will recur," I advised.

This is an cauliflower-type gingival lump. Could it be malignant? Since the owner did not want histology, there is no way to know its nature. \\

Some images are shown:

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