Sunday, December 23, 2012

1224. Dog transport man's service was undercut by a vet

Today, Sunday, Dec 23, 2012, I spoke to a dog transport man who had transported a Sharpei to be put to sleep due to the fact that the owner was a 70-year-old woman who got bitten whenever she tried to clean his ears. She has 2 Sharpeis and her children from the US were worried about her safety and ability to cope with 2 dogs since she would be in poor health.

I had spoken to her and said it was her decision as to whether she wanted to euthanase 2 Sharpeis or the biting one or none . We had not met before and so I could not say whether the biting Sharpei with the infected ears could be treated for once and for all or would need repeated treatments which would mean veterinary and transport costs. She decided to have the biting Sharpei put down and her son would accompany the ferocious dog to the vet to be euthanased.

According to the transport man, the vet who was handling this case at an outside practice that was not his, said that this Sharpei should not be euthanased as it was just an ear infection. The dog could be sent to the SPCA. Better still, he would treat the dog at his practice as he has a bigger veterinary practice and has his own transport man and facilities.

His remark of having his own transport man made the tranport man wonder why he would be "stealing" his business from him and the other practice. There are all sorts of characters in this world and from some characters, one expect such undermining practices.            

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