Sunday, December 23, 2012

1223. Eye specialist with defective software?

On Monday Dec 17, 2012, I was referred by my GP to an eye specialist in the Gleneagles Hospital as I told him I could see some "bubbles" floating in front of my eyes and an arc of white lights flashing in the left eye at the left side. It could be retinal detachment or worse.

The eye specialist was an experienced person of over 70 years of age. The nurses did the tests for glaucoma (eye pressure), macular degeneration (flashing lights and focusing on a bright central light) and dilated my pupils. Then the specialist put a ring to widen the eyelids and scan my eye retina.

I had asked to see an image of my retina and he said OK. He checked my eyes and said they were OK. What I saw would be floaters due to softness of the inner aqueous humour. I asked to see the images on his scan. I seemed able to see some retinal blood vessel branches when he scanned me.

They were all blurred, like a rose bud closing. He said that the images were blurred. Somehow, this made me wonder whether his software was defective or do all eye specialists have this problem of not being able to show the images of the retina in this modern world?   

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