Friday, November 9, 2012

1181. Skin diseases in two adult Westies

Case 1.
"You are so rough," the lady admonished me as I flexed and extended, abducted and adducted  the Westie's left shoulder and other joints of the left fore limb. She expected gentle manipulation.
"If the joints are normal, a vigorous manipulation would not cause any pain," I replied. "See, only the dog was crying when I extended the left fore paw, but had no reaction on the shoulder, elbow joints. Gentle manipulation may not show any problems in the joints."

Today is Saturday Nov 10, 2012. I was at the Surgery at 8.45 am. Phone calls came in at 9 am for appointments for Dr Vanessa and one for Dr Daniel but both were not working today. I caught up with my admin work, checking on associate vets'  cases, data mining, reviewing past medical records and doing a thousand and one things.

Suddenly a lady brought in her 7-year-old male Westie saying the dog had been limping. The dog could put weight on the left fore limb but occasionally lifted it up quite high as I observed him in the waiting room. He wouldl not walk into the consultation room where the lady called. So I came out and opened the door. Slowly he went in.

"The dog's backside is itchy," the lady in her late 30s said. "I sent him to the groomer recently."
"The dog's anal area is black and brown," I expressed the anal sacs and blood with dark brown oil were seen on the tissue paper applied to

"Has your Westie any more infection of the ears and the skin?" I checked the medical records. The Westie was a referral from her friend who was 16 years old when I treated the case and was now 35 years old, according to this lady. So, 19 years had passed for this young girl whose identity I do not know.
Westies are famous for skin diseases and so I reviewed this case of success for my knowledge.   The owner did follow up reviews and the disease was cured

10.33 am Another client with a Pom comes in.

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