Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1180. Second operation of the hamster with the right fore paw tumour

This morning, the young man came at 9.44 am to get his hamster operated. I was surprised that the hamster's cheek pouches were bulging with food and he looked much more alive than yesterday (Tuesday Nov 13, 2012 - a public holiday, Deepavali)

The young man had brought the dehydrated and easily tired hamster for surgery. "I had told your mum to quickly bring the hamster to me when the lump regrows," I had sliced off the large tumour on Oct 3, 2012, sparing the hand. "The hamster can hold and grip food after the surgery," the young man said. "But only last week, this growth started and became very big." It was a reddish globe of 8 mm x 8 m. It made the hamster look as if he was wearing a boxing glove. He was much irritated by it as it was painful and inflamed.

I prescribed oral antibiotics and pred yesterday 

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