Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1195. British bulldog's cauliflower stone surgery

Nov 27, 2012
Yesterday morning, I mentored a bladder stone surgery on the female British bulldog, 4 years old. The dog is OK today.

Eats like a horse, the owner said. Home-cooked food and dry food. Yet, a big stone. The dog was on antibiotics and S/D diet for a week.  "Can you guarantee the stone will dissolve by S/D diet?" the owner was tired of having to clean up the dribbling urine every few seconds. "My dog passes greyish urine yesterday, like ash." I said I doubt it. "So, it is better to operate. She has lost a lot of weight. Much lighter now."

I required a blood test and urine analysis on the day of surgery. This had been done before, my associate said. "It is best to monitor the latest situation."

Dr Daniel operated. I assisted.
I got syringe of urine direct from the bladder for urine analysis. Dark red brown urine.
Incision from apex of bladder 1.5 cm.
Thick bladder wall of 5 mm. Bloody.
Suturing. Continuous on mucosa, then 2 layers of inverting. 1 layer could be OK but I advised two layers.

BLOOD TEST RESULTS -Nov 26, 2012 on day of surgery
Total WCC 11.5 (6-19). N=89%, L=10%, M=1%, E=0, B=0
RBC and platelets normal. Urea and creatiine below normal.

URINE ANALYSIS- Nov 26, 2012 direct from the bladder
Red turbid, pH 8.0, SG 1.019, Protein 3+, Blood 4+, WBC >2250, RBC >2250
Crystals Triple phosphate occasioal, bacteria 3+
I did not request an antibiotic sensisitivity test to reduce costs.

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