Thursday, November 22, 2012

1194. Follow up. The Schnauzer vomits again - bladder stones & kidney stones

Thur Nov 22, 2012

Vomited one month ago. Had kidney and bladder stones. I removed bladder stones, analysed as struvites. No vomiting for past month. On last Sat, came in as dog vomited. Warded. Vomited several hours after eating. Why?

Blood-borne infection. Urine has bacteria. Amorphous urate 2+. What's the cause and the solution?

X-rays today.

Spoke to a vet more senior than me. He said that very rarely did he encounter kidney stones. He had operated on one. "Very painful for the dog, need to give pain-killers post-op".

"Kidney stones occur in 4% of urinary stone cases, according to one Australian specialist vet presenting the SVA 2012 seminar," I said. "This vet said that if the incision of the kidney to remove the stone is more than 50% of the kidney length, the kidney would not function normally."

The X-ray showed the kidney stones to be more distinct. The dog had been on canned S/D diet for the past month and no other food. A lot of gas in the intestines. No stones in the bladder on V/D view. Is there any stone inside the ureter? This could partially obstruct the ureter and cause pain, nausea and vomiting hours after eating. The dog still eats and appears active. IV drips and antibiotics for the past 2 days. Wait and see.

Urine analysis revealed amorphous urates 2+ in urine pH 6.0, USG 1.017, blood 3+, bacteria 2+

Were the kidney stones of the left kidney URATES instead of struvites? It is hard to tell. Very rare cases of kidney stones seen by me for the past 40 years of practice.


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