Thursday, October 18, 2012

1150. KPI. Neuter 5kg dog with normal testicles and xylazine

Oct 15, 2012
Chihuahua X, 5kg, 4 years old male, 2 descended testicles. 2/0 absorbable x 1 packet.

A: Injection of xylazine    9.50 am
B: Isoflurane gas first given  9.58 am     Intubate 10.02 am
C: Isoflurane gas stopped      10.12 am
D: First skin incision              10.07 am
E: Skin stitching completed    10.17 am

The whole process  E-A = 27 minutes
Surgery                    E-D = 10 minutes
Isoflurane used        C-B = 14 minutes

IV anaesthesia can be used but with this method, the lady owner was most impressed that her dog was alert and not dopey when she came to collect him one hour later. That is the beauty of using xylazine IM. The use of domitor and ketamine IV does make the dog dopey even some hours after surgery unless the vet gives the antidote Antisedan which my associate vets seldom do.

It is much more costly to use domitor + ketamine + isoflurane compared to xylazine + isoflurane but associate and employee vets don't bother about veterinary economics.  

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