Friday, October 19, 2012

1149. KPI Neuter one monorchid Maltese using xylazine

17.10. 12
Mini-Maltese, Male, 1 year, 2 kg
Right testicle undescended

I used xylazine 0.2 ml IM, then isoflurane by gas and intubated.
Two separate incision of skin areas for removal of the testicles

A: Injection of xylazine   3.45pm
B: Isoflurane + O2 gas given   3.58 pm. Intubated
E: Completion of skin stitching 4.17 pm
PDS 3/0 x 1 pack

The whole process  E-A = 32 minutes.
I wasted some time trying to shift the undescended right testicle to the skin incision made for the normal testicle but it was not possible and to avoid incising the urethra accidentally, I made a separate skin incision. So, the whole process takes longer.

As Domitor was out of stock, I used xylazine IM which I used to do for many years. Now the vets tend to use domitor + ketamine IV at 0.4 ml + 0l5 ml IV for a healthy young 10 kg dog,  after being convinced by me that the combinaton formula was effective and safe esp. if given at 50% and then top up with isoflurane + O2.

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