Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1078. Follow up: Will my dog still have bleeding after spay?

Sunday Sep 2, 2012 was a busy day. So I did a spay of a fat SilkieXMaltese, 5 years old. This case was written earlier. Today, Tuesday, I phoned the owner to find out what happened after spay and to let them know the blood test results were OK.
"Why did your sister want the dog spayed?" I asked.
"My sister moved to a new apartment and did not want the furniture soiled by blood from the dog's heat," he said. "Also, mum is getting old and having to clean up the blood stains of heat would be too tiring for her."
Good reasons to spay a dog. I was intrigued to know why the sister asked me a few times and now the brother as to whether the dog would still have bleeding of heat after spay.

Here are the reported findings on this dog after spaying.
Day 1. Sep 2, 2012. Spayed in the morning. Went home at around 1 pm.
                                 Evening, the dog could not sleep properly as she needed to rest her head on her two front paws but the e-collar was obstructing. She paced. After the owner took out the e-collar, she was OK. Not eating except when given cheese (ate a bit).  Slept sideways.

Day 2. Sep 3, 2012. Morning. Walking and barking. Able to eat. Jumped on chairs.

Day 3. Sep 4, 2012 (today). Morning. Normal. Not wearing e-collar. Monitored. Plaster with blood - not able to replace with new one. Dog ran away.

No tolfedine painkillers (oral) were prescribed. A tolfedine and baytril injection were given post-op.
Fast recovery. Could possibly be due to small skin incision of around 2 cm in length and no surgical complications like peritonitis? In most of my spay cases, the female dog is normal on Day 3, as in this case.

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