Monday, September 3, 2012

1077. Email advices regarding eye tumour

Dear Dr Sing,

My pet maltese is diagnosed with malignant high grade anaplastic mast cell tumor. A first operation was performed to remove a tumor from her left thoracic flank. The histological report revealed that there is no margin of tumor-free tissue along the deepest border.

Two months after the surgery, a new lump developed on the right neck and was surgically removed. An ultrasound abdo scan also showed that the cancer has metastasized to the spleen.

She began her first chemotherapy: Prednisolone and Vinblastine (8 sessions; 4 x weekly, 4 x biweekly). Her second chemotherapy: Palladia was on for two weeks and interrupted due to a swollen right eye lid.

We seek a vet with special interest in ophthalmology today and she was definite that the swollen eyelid is a malignant tumor, without doing any biopsy. Surgically removal of the entire eye is the only option but the tumor is likely going to reappear. My pet is given a prognosis of 3 weeks.

Aside from the swollen right eyelid, she is still a very active pet and has good appetite. The tumor in the eyelid has pushed her eyeball to the side and looking very uncomfortable. She is given Prednisolone for now.

After doing some research online, most commented that eyelid tumor is benign.

Given that my pet is still in good spirits, I am not willing to put her down in any case. However, the unwelcome tumor in the eyelid seems like an time-ticking tumor. It is getting more inflamed as each day passes.


I will be back from HK on Friday aug 24. It will be best to tel me 96686468 on Sat 10am. Most likely eye tumor is malignant.

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