Thursday, June 14, 2012

1024. Follow-up. CKC still has skin problems but ears are fine

Jun 14, 2012, a young man came to buy the green shampoo again as his CKC is still scratching his body after his groomer clipping the coat short a 1-cm length as requested by his mum. That is, no balding look.

"The dog's ears are OK. No more ear odour," he told me that the lateral ear resection canal had been effective. I took out the thick file of 27 medical records from Jul 18, 2009 to Apr 20, 2012.


CKC, Blenheim, Male, DOB Apr 2, 2008
Jul 20, 08  Neuter
Apr 3, 10  2 years old. Two ears infection
May 3, 09  Pus in ears. Ear irrigation
Jul 11, 10  Ear discharge
Jul 11, 10  Left ear canal resection. Dr Sing
Sep 6, 10  Right ear canal resection. Dr Vanessa
Sep 20 10 Ear infection
Oct 18, 10 Ear scratching and head shaking
Oct 19, 10 Lab test. L ear swab Candida krusei isolated after 2 days of incubation
Jun 6, 11  Ear ointment x 1
Oct 21, 11 Ear ointment. Smell from the rear
Apr 6, 12  Generalised skin infections
Jun 14, 12  Came for anti-fungal wash for skin rashes which develop when the coat is long. However, he is very satisfied with the ear surgeries done as there is no more foul ear smells.

Many dog owners don't bring their dogs for further check-ups for skin infections and prefer to take medication like drugs or shampoos in the belief that these will be sufficient. I advised actual examination as the dog may still have a generalised skin fungal and yeast infection.

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