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1023. Adopted young cat with low platelet count spayed

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Hi Dr Sing,

XXXi appears almost recovered from surgery already.

Her appetite is tremedous, and she has finally pooped tonight.

A lot !

Attached is a picture of her belly.

Sorry we couldn't get a more overt and clear one.

She appears & behaves normal.

Are there any signs we should look out for, that might indicate otherwise ?
We were also wondering when we can remove the e-collar, and also when can we let her out of confinement ?

She is getting progressively faster in trying to escape.

Like a game !

Thank you so much, and looking forward to your reply.



I was quite busy past 2 days. Thanks for 2 emails. Low platelets and low total white cell count indicate that the cat had some toxicaemia a few days ago. It is hard to say what it is but the eosinophils of 5.5% is high. There is the eosinophila granulomatous complex in cats (mouth ulcers, salivation) but this may not be the disease in your cat.

Your cat was FIV negative and that is good news.

Blood tests are an aid to diagnosis and the clinical signs are much more important. Presently, she is in good health and so that is the present status.

Can't see anything in your image of the surgical wound area. Please clean it and apply a new plaster for the next 10 days. E-collar can be taken out after 7 days if the stitches are strong and if the cat is not bothered. Best wishes.

Total WCC 5.3  (5.5 -19.5)
N   63%
L    28%
M   3.5%
E    5.5%
B   0.1%

RBC  6.8 (5-10)
Platelets   38   (300-800)
No platelet clumps seen
Large platelets present

Fed on Barf Diet changing from canned commercial diet and was losing weight compared to previous check up at 2nd vaccination.

Hi Dr Sing,

Thanks for the comforting reply. Good to know that there's nothing to worry about.

Hopefully, the next time she has to see u is when she is due for her annual vaccination.

Once again, thanks very much.

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