Wednesday, May 9, 2012

986. Old Beagle panting

The dog transport man Martin phoned me in the morning to ask if there is a slot for dental scaling for a dog would be transporting to Toa Payoh Vets. "No problem," I said.

After dental scaling by Dr V, the Beagle panted loudly inside the crate. Non-stop. I said to Dr V: "This is not normal. Has he got heart disease?"
"No, but he was panting when he came in."

"Continuous panting will lead to high body temperature and death later. Give some medication to stop the panting." I said.

"It is important that the dog not die later at home after dental scaling."

Continuous panting is not normal in a normal dog. "Was the dog panting when he was transported?" I asked the transport man. "No," he said.

It is important that the dog go home with no panting and I advised Dr Vanessa to treat this panting. It could be pain from dental extraction. I need to look into this as this is a rare occurrence.  

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