Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Follow up on chihuahua spay done on May 6, 2012 by Dr Sing KY - Compliance

Today May 9, 2012, I phoned the father and daughter of the Chihuahua 8 months, Female, I spayed as a benchmark and example to Dr Daniel on May 6, 2012. It is very interesting to know the effect of pain-killers and compliance by the owners.

MAY 6, 2012
I spayed Chihuahua, Female, born June 18, 2011, said to be 10 months old, 1.7 kg, good bodily condition,38.7 deg C. Vulva slightly enlarged.
Bleeding heat said to be 2 months ago. Health check by Dr Daniel, . Hx:. Ab  E/D/T Well. No V+/D+/C/S. PE: BAR, active. heart/lungs normal. GIT normal (abdo palp - no pain). menses 2 months ago. Does not want blood test screening of health.

Dom and Ket Sedation at 50% and isoflurane gas maintainence
Ovaries and uterine bodies enlarged and congested as if on heat/infected (see images)/0 absorbable suture x 1
Post op tolfedine + baytril injection SC

Home medication
1. tolfedine painkillers x 3 tablets (not given at all). Now Day 3. Advised owner to give. Owner will give crushed tab in banana.
2.  trimeth x 1 bottle, multi-vit x 1 bottle. Owner had given. almost all completed.

Post-op observations by owner reported to me.
Day 1 and Day 2 after op. Not active but can walk to pee and poop as normal.
                                         Will eat dry food if the owner added chicken wing meat
Day 3 - Not eating since chicken wing meat not added. I advised the owner to continue with chicken wing meat as an eating dog recovers faster.
Will give crushed tolfedine powder with bananas as dog like bananas

Bandage changes advised but owner is afraid the stitches will come off. "No problem with the stitches as they are quite tight," I said. "Wash away the dried blood clots and replace with new bandage on Day 4 or 5.

It seems like this spay has no post-op complication despite the owner not giving the tolfedine tablets. But there was a tolfedine and baytril injection post-op.
Liquid is easier to give in this case.
Crushed tablet with meat may be advised.
Bandage changing may be difficult for the owner
lst day is always the inactive day. By Day 3, the female spayed dog should be eating normally.
In this case, she was eating when chicken wing meat was added, even on Day 1.

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