Saturday, May 19, 2012

Give what the customer wants? Urinary stone removal + spay packaged deal

A female Miniature Schnauzer has been passing blood in the urine and an X-ray showed several large bladder stones. The couple, in their late 40s, wanted a spay and bladder stone removal packaged deal as this would be cheaper.

Sometimes it is possible to provide such a deal. For example, dental scaling and vaccination or spay and vaccination. However, in this case, it is still possible to do what the customer wants. Make a longer incision, do the spay first. Then open up the bladder and remove the stones.

However, the two surgical procedures will take a much longer time. "There may be complications of bleeding, infection and death on the operation table," I advised the owner against doing this. No news from them since two weeks ago.

Shouldn't I be more flexible and close the deal?  Give what the customer wants? In the interest of the dog, I don't do two-in-one surgeries lasting over one hour. The longer the procedure, the higher the chanes of complications like bleeding, infection and death. But other vets do not agree and some customers can be lost just by sticking to this policy. The younger generation in their 20s now may be better educated and more sophisticated to accept my advices. 

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