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969. Best time to spay a Mini-Maltese 2 kg

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Dear Dr Sing,

I’m considering spaying my female Maltese when she is 6 months old. Her birthday is 29 Nov 2011 and will be six month old on 29 May 2011.

She just reached five month but she is small in size, weighing around 2kg. Will it be advisable to spay her sometime around 1st week of June given her size?

Kind regards

E-MAIL REPLY FROM DR SING DATED MAY 2, 2012 (from Phnom Penh Hotel, 11. 23am)


Thank you for your email. If you are not in a hurry to spay your Maltese, wait till she is mature. The ideal time will be 3 months after her first estrus so that her private parts (e.g. urethra) are fully developed. This may be around 8-9 months of age, assuming first bleeding is 6 months. Some Maltese start having heat at 8 months.
The period between two heats (bleeding) is 6 months, so in theory, you can get her spayed 4-5 months after the first heat and she will have matured and put on more weight. And will be much stronger too.
However, 6 months is the earliest age to spay a female dog kept at home and not in animal shelters.
Pl email me if you have more queries. Best wishes.

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