Friday, April 27, 2012

966. Sharing memories online - web portal

1.  The Singapore Memory Project aims to build up the story of Singapore  through the eyes of Singaporeans was started in 2011 and aims to collect 5 million memories from Singaporeans by 2015

2. Every Singaporean has a "personal memory account" on the website. An SG Memory iPhone app will be launched in April 2012.

3.  I would like the future generation to know more about Singapore veterinary matters and learn from the mis-steps of some pet owners, therefore I have participated in this Project. However, most of my files will be at and  .

4.  Sustainability of the Project. As I don't know how long the Singapore Memory Project will be around as all government policies keep changing (new Chief Executives/Board of Directors have their own pet ideas and chop and slash older projects when there is a need to cut cost and this Project is free of charge), I have copied my notes written at the Project webpage below:


Saturday, April 29, 2012

I am Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS, aged 61 years, a veterinary surgeon in Singapore. I graduated in 1974 and there was around 1 small animal veterinary practice located in a commercial premises in Watten Estate.

After graduation, I had to work for the Primary Production Department for 8 years (inclusive of 2.5 years in full-time National Service), as a condition of my veterinary scholarship. Soon after graduation, I met Dr James Tan, a private dog and cat vet 5 years my senior, telling me he had to be on the look-out for Dr Giam Choo Hoo, from the Primary Production Department. He was practising from his home in Tiverton Lane and I presumed he was being hounded. I was a greenhorn and did not ask him why he had to behave that way.

Now, there are over 45 veterinary practices and the numbers keep increasing as some of the younger vets are well financed by their parents who set up the practices for them. I had no such fortune.

In 2012, the younger generation dog and cat owners are much more sophisticated owing of internet information and are much more caring compared to my baby-boomer generation when I started Toa Payoh Vets sometime in 1982.

I record my stories of so many interesting clients I encountered and their pets' conditions, at as part of my giving back to the small animal community and to bring veterinary medicine and surgery alive to the stressed out veterinary undergraduate. I hope the stories of practice-based research cases are of interest and use to the new generation in the years to come.

The link to the Project is at:

I hope this Project is still around in 2015. Five million memories are not difficult to get from Singaporeans. It is the quality of the memories that is difficult to source.

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