Thursday, April 26, 2012

965. Food allergy?

"I guess every vet will give a different opinion about the skin infections on the lower body," the woman brought in an older Golden Retriever full of ticks and Vet 1 had prescribed anti-allergy food diet for the past 3 months. But the dog was still furiously scratching to blackness, the neck and armpits.

The pest control had fumigated the garden and house and the dog would need to be de-ticked by a vet.

"My theory is that the dog had itchy infected ears and he scratched with his hind paws, the neck to relieve the ear itch for many weeks till the skin becomes black."

As if on cue, the dog's hind leg vigorously scrubbed the neck.

A plan of treatment is given to Dr Vanessa to treat this dog. I doubt its black neck and armpits are due to dog food allergy.
"I trim the hair short," the owner said.    

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