Thursday, January 12, 2012

818. How many urinary stones?

An X-ray of the Shih Tzu with a recurrent urolithiasis and an X-ray. "How many stones?" I asked my assistant Min as part of my mentoring process.

"Eleven," he said. "Well there are 13," I showed him the 2 stones hidden near the pelvic bones.

"Better make sure that you don't flush the bladder or urethra too vigorously duringb cystotomy," I said to Dr Vanessa who would be operating. "13 stones are expected." She got 13 stones. Well done. All stones were inside the bladder and she had used a bigger catheter to ensure no more stones are left behind.

"The stones must be sent for analysis," I said. "The dog had a previous surgery 1 year ago and the stones had recurred."

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