Thursday, January 12, 2012

817. The Golden Retriever has a twitching eye

Vet 1 treated this 8-year-old Golden Retriever with a bottle of eye drops and asked the owner to return if the right eye infection (eyes 3/4 closed) had not cured. This was what the owner said to me. "Is the sunken eyeball normal?" I asked the owner as the right eyeball had retracted (enopthalmos), the upper eyelid had drooped (ptosis) and the nictitating membrane (3rd eyelid) had covered the eye.

"The right eyeball was of same size and position as the left," the lady said. She had phoned for a house-call but I advised her to bring the dog dog. Her dog had developed fits.

"This is not a simple case of eye infection," I said to my assistant. It appeared to be a 3rd cranial nerve or brain problem. A blood test and urine test are done. X-rays are advised but this would be costly. The fits were controlled and the dog went home after 3 days.

I had the dog bathed one day before he went home. His ear canals were irrigated (no ear infections).

I told Nicole to take a video of the right eyelid twitching. Very rare. The dog was very thin. Proteinuria and high blood urea. Could also have kidney disorder as well as 3rd cranial nerve palsy. Is there a cure?

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