Saturday, January 7, 2012

807. Sunday's interesting cases Jan 8, 2012

Case 1. Follow up of my first case seen in 2012 - The coughing Bichon puppy
The owner was surprised and appreciative to receive my call.
He said: "More active and much less coughing now. You are correct in that the puppy looks more like a Bichon than a poodle as we had checked the dog books.

"Does he still pee a bit to get treats?" I asked.
"Yes, he is a manipulative puppy as you had said."
This is a smart puppy.

Case 2. The 13-year-old male Shih Tzu barks when touched.
"This time, I decide to bring in my dog earlier than in Nov 5, 2011 when my dog barks when my wife wanted to clean him after eating or when he lay sideways. Dr Jason Teo prescribed rimadyl 25 mg for 7 days and he was OK."

On spending time with him, he said that Dr Jason Teo had got an X-ray done and nothing abnormal was seen. He had also asked for another 7 days of rimadyl and he dog was OK till Jan 6, 2012 (2 days ago).

After Dr V had examined, I did an abdominal palpation and spinal area palpation.
"A hunched back indicates pain in the abdomen," I said to the owner.
I put my left hand on the front part of the abdomen and pressed. There was some sweling in the liver and spleen area to the kidneys. The dog yelped in reaction.

A painful liver/spleen area. The dog coughed violently when I palpated the pharynx.

So, there was pain. What's the cause? Tumour and/or inflammation of the kidneys, stomach, liver?

Blood test and urine test doe

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