Friday, January 6, 2012

806. The ferocious female cat passing red blood in the urine

Saturday Jan 7, 2012

I went to work although it is my day off. Checked on the cat that passed blood in the urine and under Dr V's care. The lady owner phoned: "How's Toto?" I said: "I am Dr Sing. Dr V is off today. Toto has not been passing blood in the urine since yesterday's admission to the Surgery." The cat was in a grated flooring and dark brown urine was seen, no more red blood."

"It was my grandpa who said that the cat had passed blood in the urine," the young lady said. "I don't see it."

"Well, grandpa is correct," I replied. "I saw the red blood myself when Dr V was sedating the cat. I was present and had tried to express some urine for the urine test." Around 1 ml was expressed after sedation. Bladder was empty. I did not palpate any big stone or thick wall suggstive of tumour. So this was likely an infection of the bladder, cystitis.

A lady in her late 30s and her grandpa came with a brown cat to see Dr V. A vet had treated this cat, prescribed antibiotics and a Eukanaba dry food "guaranteeing" that the urination problem would be resolved if this dry food was consumed.

"This cat is fierce," the lady said. So, Dr V, Min, Nicole and Mr Lim were in the room

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