Wednesday, January 4, 2012

802. HSA laboratory error making solutions - applicable to vet anaesthesia

Straits Times Review Jan 5, 2012 Pg A36
"To err is human, to confess remarkable"

Mistake: A senior lab manager misread the concentration of the reagent used for DNA tests. He made a solution 10 times as strong as it should be.
This reagent tested the DNA samples of 400 criminal cases.

How HSA prevents a similar occurrence in the future?
It had not double-checked the solutions used and none in the world does that as it is only a basic tool.

NOW every batch is checked by an independent laboratory
"Why no test was done on the solution before?" No answer to this question.


Using IV anaesthesia, I want the vet to write down on the anaesthesia record and calculate the dosage based on weight and age and % discounted for old dogs. I do this myself and monitor my associate vets doing it.

IV sedation should not be overdosed, otherwise the dog dies. So, it is important to have a system and process of checking by the Senior Vet.

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