Wednesday, January 4, 2012

801. Shih Tzu with possible GME - follow up on Jan 4, 2012

4 Jan 2012
The Shih Tzu had been treated for a fever 2 days by Dr Vanessa. I was overseas. I saw him at 7 pm when the young couple came to take him home and observed his walking. He could walk on 4 limbs but not for long. Left eye pupil had no response to light and was dilated fully. Right eye pupil reacted to the bright white light I shone on, but constricted around 70% normal.

Blood test was taken. Showed very low WCC and higher figures of elevated liver enyzmes and higher than normal platelet count. Previous blood test showed normal WCC and elevated liver enzymes.

The dog did not have much appetite but was otherwise normal.

GME - Granulo-meningo encephalitis.
Cause is unknown. Said to be an auto-immune disease.
I did advise pred 2.5mg 2x/day for 2 weeks when the owner said that the dog had panted hard but it was only today I saw the dog again.

Prognosis is usually poor and the owner must be informed. "Feed small amounts and around 6x/day with sweet multivitamins," I advised. "You have 4 weeks." The dog rejected hand feeding but this must be done. Liver Prescription Diet 2 cans and antibiotics were prescribed by Dr Vanessa

The important issues here are prognosis and feeding several times a day at home as the owner wanted the dog back.

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