Thursday, December 1, 2011

755. Ten ivermectin injections for a hamster with skin disease

Many lady hamster owners in Singapore are sophisticated and well educated. A lady asked if I had ivermectin for her hamster who has hair loss on the back and has been "cured" by Vet 1 near her residence with injections. Ten injections over the past few months but the problem came back. I had just performed a haemangiosarcoma surgery on her old white dwarf hamster which did not survive the surgery. The tumours were large and the cells were breaking down. Full of blood. The spinal area was invaded by the tumours. The dwarf hamster could not survive the surgery. The lady was understanding as I showed her the tumour cells and pieces taken out.

"It is ivermectin," she had the info from Vet 1. "A small drop". I don't give ivermectin by 10 injections to dwarf hamsters as I believe it is harmful as hamsters are so small. She said she would revert to her vet and asked for her hamster to be cremated.

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