Thursday, December 1, 2011

754. SOP - Old cocker spaniel with skin disease

Cocker Spaniel. Head wounds, whole body skin infected. Saw the vet many times. Recovered, then skin disease again. Now over 12 years old. Eye pus.

1. History. Ear canals full of pus.
2. Blood test - Total WBC high.
3. Skin checked for ringworm, mites
4. Advise ear canal surgery when the dog has recovered. But the owner usually forgets about it.

In this case, I told the owner that the originating problem was the chronic ear infections and that an ear surgery when the dog was young would have resolved much of the scratching of the neck and flanks. Floppy ears. Covered up ear canal. No ventilation. Dampness. Bacterial growth. Pus form. Ulcers inside ear canal. Very painful. Head shaking. Hind leg scratching. But no hope from medication and groomer as problem recurs.

It is hard to persuade the Singapore Cocker Spaniel owner to do ear surgery.

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