Sunday, November 20, 2011

A big thank you to the young Singaporeans who produced the following videos to educate pet owners and bring veterinary medicine and surgery alive to the vet students studying hard for their exam.

As these google-generation people are very busy and have not charged me for services, I have not asked them to edit again to make a perfect production.

The following are the videos: - Kennel Cough video the Sec 3 St Andrew boys produced. The "owner" of the pug was the student but the other characters are genuine. The video producer was another student and his teacher had kindly recommended him to me to help in this production. It turned out to be quite fun to watch this video, in my opinion.

For example, locking the door of the black Mercedes car is not done nowadays but we all had great fun in producing this video. The "owner" seemed to be smiling when he came for a second vet visit with a puppy that had worsened in coughing! I mean, the real owner would be very worried!

After hospitalisation in a crate, there was a scene of the puppy on the consultation table inside the vet consultation room! This should be cut! This is the first video production and no more other versions. That is why I explained the "deficiencies" in the production! - Responsible Pet Ownership video - Nicole Pereira. Excellent summary of some of the main problems seen at Toa Payoh Vets. Great work. - Oronasal Fistula Follow Up - Temasek Polytechnic Vet Tech students who do not wish to be credited - FIV in stray cats 2 - Temasek Polytechnic Vet Tech students who do not wish to be credited

Overall, it took a lot of time. Too much time.

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