Sunday, November 20, 2011

734. Educational videos produced by young Singaporeans for Toa Payoh Vets


Thank you very much for your help in producing the Responsible Pet video meant for the AVA Responsible Dog Ownership Road show. The KC video was also good thanks to your help. The voices of the narrators were distinct and clear, to my surprise and the narrative scenes were not boring unlike a power point presentation or a professor's lecture. I hope the vet students do learn a bit about complicated kennel cough.

I gave each party general guidelines as I want other views and presentation.
Each party brings in something new (ideas and presentation and music) in video production and that is why it is so interesting to watch them. Thanks again.

I am only worried about the microchip scanning pic and some other pic you put on the Responsible Pet Ownership video as they may be copyright. Pl confirm the source as we can get sued or get a legal warning to remove it! Pl look into this matter and it is best to remove them and put in original images.

On Sun, Nov 20, 2011 at 5:06 PM, Nicole Pereira wrote:

Hi Dr Sing, here's the links to the videos i uploaded to your 99pups account- - Kennel Cough video the St Andrew boys produced - Responsible Pet Ownership video - Oronasal Fistula Follow Up - FIV in stray cats 2

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