Friday, November 25, 2011

744. Anaesthesia of old Chihuahua - vaginal hyperplasia and prolapse

Chihuahua, Female, 10 years
Active and eating well till 19.11.2011 when the owner noted a vaginal prolapsed. The dog became lethargic and did not eat. Vaginal or uterine prolapse diagnosed by Vet 1. Owner went back but the pushed back vaginal tissue came out again. Tip became black after 2 days. No e-collar worn.

22.11.11 A friend of the owner was worried and asked me to advise the owner to euthanase the Chihuahua if she was suffering from liver and kidney infections as deduced from abdominal ultrasound and blood test reports. I reviewed the case.

As the owner is not able to take care of the everted vaginal tissue and it had become necrotic, I advised spay the next day as this was the solution. But there was a high anaesthetic risk as the dog did not eat for the last 4 days and her tongue was purplish. Mild dehydration. Temperature below 38 deg C for the last 2 days.

22.11. 11 One day Pre-op IV drip and antibiotic
23.11. 11 37.6 deg, 3.5 kg.
IV drip glucose 5 minutes, then dextrose saline. Tongue became pinker.
IV lasix 2 ml
Domitor 0.05 ml + Ketamine 0.05 ml IV
Isoflurane gas top up at 0.5 - 1%
I expected a 10-minute spay.
Dog vomited yellow liquid after intubation. Repeat.
Dog passed loose black stools. Cleaning up. This took time.
Opened abdomen, hooked out left ovary.
However, both the ovarian ligaments and bv ruptured when ligated. Bleeding seen. So, I had to make a large skin incision to locate the bleeder far inside, behind the kidneys. Two quail-egg sized blood clots on left and right sides were taken out. Bleeders located but bleeding was oozing now. Clamped and ligated one bleeder as the left one slipped off the kidney area. Checked and cleared all bleeding inside abdomen. Closed up 2/0 PDS sutures. Completion at 11.30 am.

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