Thursday, November 24, 2011

743. Day 3. Vaginal hyperplasia & prolapse in the female dog - Surgical option

Day 3. The Chihuahua bites me and my assistant any time we try to catch her. She does not eat but otherwise is alert and strong. "Is the vaginal prolapse the same size?" I asked my assistant Min, as part of my coaching process. I had pushed in the prolapse yesterday morning.

"Same as before," Min said. "Come out again." He could have difficulty understanding Singapore English as he is not proficient in this language.

He tried to muzzle the dog for me to examine. The dog snapped at him. I had taught him to use a towel to cover the dog's head but he did not do it this time. It needs lots of patience to train a person. I covered the dog's head with a towel. The dog moved to a corner. "Use a leash to lasso her," I said. Otherwise it is impossible to examine her. Min held the leash and lifted up the tail. The dog moved but could not bite us.

The prolapsed vagina had decreased by 60% in size. I was not surprised as spaying removed the oestrogen causing this problem. Min saw the size and that is important. I pushed it in. The dog should be able to go home soon as she is not eating here. I did advise a 20-ml syringe to feed her. A 2-ml syringe with canned food is too short.

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