Monday, October 24, 2011

704. Follow up on ptergium, glaucoma and enucleation of eye dog

Yesterday, Oct 24, 2011, I phoned the lady owner to enquire about her dog after eye enucleation. She was very happy as the dog was normal.

"Any bleeding from the eye?" I asked as there was some swelling of the stitched eye socket 3 hours after removal of the eyeball. In this case, I had stitched the conjunctival (upper and lower) tissues with 2/0 absorbable. Then I stitched the eyelid margins (as shown in the picture) with 3/0 nylon. So, there were two layers to prevent bleeding out of the eye.

"Some bleeding on the first day, but nothing serious. My dog is eating. I will see you 14 days later to remove the stitches."

Post-operation bleeding is one complication in any surgery. The dog had antibiotics and painkillers (tolfedine) and has no problem as evident by her normal behaviour and good appetite.

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