Monday, October 10, 2011

676. Advices from a friend at Raffles Town Club

A man aged 63 years, retired from the civil service.

1. Success in private sector requires good EQ, IQ, networking, hard work. Be able to control one's anger even though the person is disliked. Success is not guaranteed in private sector.

2. He said that generally the smartest employees are in the private sector, followed by the civil service and then the welfare organisations. E.g. smartest people work in banks as bankers where they are paid most.

3. I should write courteous letters if I want favourable response to situations from civil servants. Anger will be unproductive. I was asking him some advices on a business project.

4. In PR, prepare your story and your angle rather than let the press decide the angle, but somertimes, the press editor has the last say and change the whole point of view.

5. Be available when needed by the press and help the rookies.

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