Monday, October 10, 2011

675. Synovial cyst on thumb

Today I had my bandage changed, 6 days post-surgery by Dr Foo Chee Liam, at SGH. Histopath results said it is not malignant. Dr Foo had diagnosed it as a synovial cyst (will post picture). My GP diagnosed it as part of an auto-immune disease which fortunately is not.

Dr Foo outlined a rotating flap. I told him earlier: "I need the right thumb for surgery in small animals." A rotating flap cutting a very incision (the whole length of the thumb at the medial side would be over 5 cm, width 2 cm). from the medial aspect of the thumb to close the circular wound after removal of the cyst (0.8 x 0.8 cm in my estimation.)

Fortunately, he took a full thickness skin graft from my wrist to cover the wound. I thought he had a fantastic solution as my thumb had not been cut to produce a rotating flap.

This case shows that the patient's interest and care is at the heart of the surgeon. I presume my synovial cyst behind the nail bed on top of the thumb was one of those rare presentations. Services were excellent from the front line to the surgeon.

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